By deploying its services based on the right price-quality ratio, the Trimodal Europe Group sees sufficient opportunity to convert the specific advantages of the rail into a high-quality product that can be sold in a profitable way. Specialization for the transport of dry substances in bulk is also a high-quality specialist product that can be sold in a profitable way.

As a logistics service provider for bulk transport and as a rail agent, the Trimodal Europe Group wants to focus on the marketing, coordination and supervision of new transport flows.

The added value focuses on:

  • project-based marketing approach per customer, transport or sector
  • "one point of entry" concept wish of the customer
  • coordination of third-country traffic
  • "door to door" concept, in particular China / Central and Eastern European countries
  • "silo to silo" concept especially in deep-sea
  • rail consultancy
  • agencies for rail operators

Central to this is the Trimodal Europe Group:

  • neutrality
  • reliability
  • collaboration

The perspective that the Trimodal Europe Group offers is to change from big bag transport to bulk transport, therefor a growth in rail transport. This is mainly to and from the Netherlands on the basis of added value aimed at the rail shipper, creating a win-win situation for all parties involved. . It does not matter whether these are conventional transports or intermodal transports.